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Proactiv Solution Gives Away an iPad

I have long been in a quest to win an iPad. Sadly, ’til now I have had no luck. I missed Proactiv Solution’s iPad giveaway promo and it was Douden Quintin won the Proactiv Philippines iPad raffle. He’s a 22 y/o technical support agent in a BPO company.

Lucky him, he did not only win an iPad for himself, his skin also became clearer, thanks to Proactiv treatment. He is a first time user of Proactiv and he was so impressed. He just bought a 60-day kit online when he saw a cable TV infomercial and after a few weeks of use, he said that the condition of his skin has significantly improved. Douden also said that Proactiv did not make his skin dry.

Moreover, just by using this acne treatment system, he’ll surely be the envy of many now as his pimples are all gone, his skin is clear and healthy, and he has this one cool gadget that almost everybody wants to have.

Now, Proactiv Philippines is offering another promo. If you buy the 60 day kit Proactiv Acne Treatment System, you’ll get a free gift from Proactiv Philippines! For now, the deal is that you get another 15-day kit for FREE – and they even offer a money-back guarantee. The free kit includes a Proactiv Renewing Cleanser 30ml, a Proactiv Revitalizing Toner 30ml, and a Repairing Lotion 30ml.
You can order this acne solution online and you can pay using your credit cards or you can just pay for it upon delivery. These specials are offered for a limited time only so might as well grab your kits now. The 60-day kit product special will cost you P3,995.

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