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How to Choose the Best Over the Counter Acne Treatment

Last night, I went to a drug store which was also a grocery store because I had to buy infant formula milk for my babies. When I was about to pay for what I needed, I noticed a teenage girl carrying a bunch of acne treatment products. By looking at the pile of anti-acne items that she wanted to buy, it was obvious that she was probably confused as to what solution best fits her. She was carrying facial cleansers, creams, and acne lotions.

I wish I had the guts to tell her to consult a dermatologist instead but I’m not into chit-chatting with strangers. Anyway, if any of you are confused with the same problem she had, I’m offering some notes to ponder:

An acne cream or an acne lotion basically works by removing the dirt and oil from the acne lesions. Typically, they contain a variety of active ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, sulfur, resorcinol, and tea tree oil. For some, these may have adverse effects on their skin but for most people, these elements are completely harmless if not used excessively.

Before you buy anything, determine the type of skin that you have. If your skin is oily, choose those that will moderately dry-up your kin like products with salicylic acid. If you have dry skin, go for anti-acne products that are a bit moisturizing like creams and lotions.

Choose a product that fits your lifestyle. There are products that you shouldn’t use when you are frequently exposed to the sun’s rays and there are those that you can use even when you are always on fieldwork. There are also products which you have to apply thrice a day and there are those that you only need to put on come night time. So, opt for that product that matches your schedule and your everyday tasks.

Consider the after-effect of the product. You see, there are acne treatment products that can help get rid of scars and blemishes, others can give you smooth skin while some offer thorough skin cleansing so you can also get rid of the blackheads and white heads. Choose the product which also offers the extra benefits that you would also want to gain.

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