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Do More, Eat Less

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They say that if you want to lose weight, you have to do more and eat less. Well, I can’t seem to “do more” these days. I just feel so tired with all the mommying and the writing that I can’t focus on motivating myself to exercise every morning or before I sleep. As for the “eat less” part, I am finding it hard to resist food. I’m trying… I just haven’t succeeded yet but I will soon.

It’s been more than a week since I was supposed to start my weight loss program but I got distracted (and tempted) and it seems that I wouldn’t be able to reach my goal to lose 5 pounds by the end of the month. I could try diet or fat burning pills like lipofuze but I haven’t checked diet pill reviews yet. I can also try those slimming teas but I have to admit, I tried one before and it did taste like grass. I hated it.


Linking this to my Digg Profile

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I’ve discovered that you can import feeds to your digg profile so I’m doing it for both bloggityboop and mommysinfodose. I just wrote this post because I’m required to post this verification code: 3a5ef282ce964d679bb929e70829e861

If you have an account on Digg, perhaps you can connect with me, mine’s here: I haven’t checked whether or not one can also import feeds to a StumbleUpon account. Perhaps I will later.

Beauty How-to

Steaming, A Natural Way to Remove Blackheads

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When I was younger, I was fortunate to not have plenty of pimples on my face but I did have blackheads. And, because I was such a stubborn one, I tried to remove blackheads by squeezing or scrubbing my skin. Luckily, my pores did not get infected then.

When I got a bit older, I found out about another natural and much safer way to get rid of clogged oil and dirt on your face. Aside from using facial scrubs to wash your face over and over again, you can try steaming. Yes, steaming – much like the same method you use to naturally clear your airways when you have colds.

You just have to boil up a pot of water and add a bit of lemon extract. Place a towel over your head and the pot so the steam will go directly to your face. Do this for at least five to ten minutes so the steam can open up your pores. After that, run a clean piece of cotton cloth or a cotton make up pad on your face. This will dislodge blackheads from your open pores. Now, get a piece of cloth, soak it in warm water and press it onto the areas with blackheads. After this, wash your face with soap and water.