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We want to adopt Blue

Dear Mr. Stickman,

We deserve BLUE and here are TEN probably-not-so-unique but definitely sincere reasons which will convince you (I hope) to let us adopt your android phone

… Because it will be me and hubby’s “shared stuff”. For the purpose of privacy and constant communication, most couples do not share cell phones… but for frugality, practicality, and ‘bonding’, hubby and I will share(have been sharing) the same phone. It’s a good idea since it promotes sharing and openness, “story-telling”, a cheat-proof relationship, and a bit of savings (benefits: less need to ‘load’ (unli promos are great!) and less battery charging too).

… Because we need a new phone… My husband and I have been sharing a China phone and like what most people say, China phones don’t last that long.  It’s been with us for more than a year now and I guess it will bid us goodbye, perhaps in a few months as its case lock is already loose and we can’t find a replacement.  It’s still working now, except for the mouthpiece and the USB port. So, we can’t make or receive calls…

… Because we would love to havea new gadget that will take the place of the ones we’ve lost. We recently lost “Cammy” (the camera), our iPod, and our beloved laptop last month.  What happened was that our laptop was ‘smashed’ and I even got my fingers cut and stitched because of an accident at home… And since I needed a computer for my home-based job, we had to sell the iPod and we had to put Cammy on vacation at a pawnshop so we can buy a desktop pc.

…Because hubby will be delighted with it. He could sure use a phone which can play MP3s and MP4s. That would be perfect for him when he has to endure traffic when he goes to Bulacan or Caloocan (we live in LP) whenever he has to get the parts and accessories that we sell in our fledging motor shop business. And, with it, he’d be able to make calls and receive calls from our customers.

… Because my Yana would love to see it.Yana is my eldest and she’s just a bit over a year old. She loves gadgets especially mobile phones- and she loves to pose for pictures and videos taken with a camera phone (She rarely does for a digital cam).

Samsung Galaxy Spica

… Because I’m a busy-bee mom.

  • I’m a mom who needs a gadget that can take pictures instantly and record videos of her kids(I actually have 3 lovely baby girls who are having their monumental ‘mustn’t-miss-must-capture’ milestones – Yana and our twins),
  • a mom who alwayscrams up everything in a day’s work(I work at home and take care of my babies and my sched is an absurd abstract art so I need that phone’s organizer),
  • a mom who needs to earn much for 3 kids – and that means me and hubby have to save in every way we can. So, we cannot spend on a luxury phone.
  • and a mom blogger who needs to stay connected with every SNS all the time, even when I go mobile (for blog promotion/money-making purposes, I use twitter, FB, plurk, yahoo meme, stumble upon, digg, etc.).

…Because three days from now is my birthday. I’m turning silver- errr, 25 and I hope you can be my great, generous, kind, good-looking, genius “BLAngel” (“Blogger Angel”) and grant one of my dream birthday gifts 🙂

… Because we will make the most of that phone and exhaust all of its features. I’m a phone explorer and I use my phones till they are totally wrecked – but that doesn’t mean that I wreck phones. In fact, Itake good careof my phones and we will take good care of Blue if you will let us adopt ‘him’.

… Because if ever we don’t use it ‘til we wreck it, we will hand it downto somebody who needs it. Two of the phones I have used before are in the safe hands of my sisters.

… and Because I would like to test it its awesomeness, be awesome with it, and write a review of it – a long awesome one, dedicated to you:p

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