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Project ALL-TIME: The iPop

The All-Time Dilemma

Tardiness. Delays. Lost opportunities. I’m pretty sure everybody has experienced these things just by not being at the right place at the right time. Such wouldn’t happen if we can teleport.
If we could just pop out anywhere we want to, then we wouldn’t miss out on important events just because of congested roads and punctuality issues of public transportation. We can go wherever we want without worrying about flight reservations, car maintenance, and sky-high transportation fares. Moreover, we will no longer be bothered by the fact that…
A pedestrian is injured in a traffic accident every eight minutes,
An estimated 1.3 million people die on our roads each year,
About 1,600 aviation accidents causing about 600 deaths happen yearly,
About 10, 200 people get injured inside elevators every year, and
There are 6,000 escalator injuries annually, in the U.S. alone.

At a more personal level, having the ability to teleport can help Dad get to his son’s baseball game even when his all-important meeting ends exactly the minute the game starts. Mom will also have more time to go shopping because taking the kids to school will only take a blink.

Also, more kids will make it to school on time, and there will be a high chance that couples will no longer have petty quarrels just because one of them is late for the much-awaited movie date or the fancy-restaurant dinner.

My All-Time Solution

Introducing… (Drum roll please)… The iPop! With this revolutionary gadget, you can pop out anywhere, anytime.
Okay, so this gadget is a bit – well – out-of-bounds. Right now, we still have a long (and I mean very L-O-N-G) way to go before we can make cool Star Trek-inspired teleportation a reality (Sorry Captain Kirk but we won’t see you anytime soon) but the thing is -we’re already exploring its possibilities and we’ve done the primary steps in realizing this dream.
I’ve read in BBC news online that some scientists from US and Austria were able to successfully teleport atoms in 2004. To be accurate, they were able to “transfer key properties of one particle to another without using any physical link”. Such was achieved through experimentations based on the principles of Quantum Teleportation (check-out the diagram below).
Human teleportation is still just barely possible but then, as Nelson Mandela noted, ‘It always seems impossible until it’s done”. So who knows, maybe a genius like Steve Jobs and a group of well-paid and highly-motivated quantum physics scientists can make this happen five or ten years from now, right?

About my imaginary (but revolutionary) gadget
After the iPad that I’m so craving for, the iPop will definitely be the next BIG (make it the BIGGEST) thing. My iPop (which will be manufactured by Steve Jobs and the rest of Apple, I hope), will pretty much resemble an iPod Touch. However, you can’t use it to play mp3 and videos. Instead, you’ll be using it to surf the net and teleport.
Basically, it allows you to teleport wherever WiFi is available. You will just have to surf the net, find the geodata for your desired destination, set your iPoP coordinates and Pop you go.

How it works
Packed with special GIS (geographic information system) and GPS (global positioning system), the iPoP will capture, store, analyze, manage, and present geodata (geographical data). Theoretically, it will ‘geocode’ your position and your desired destination. This will detail latitude and longtitude coordinates, country, city, administrative area, and postal codes.
Using the resulting codes, the iPop GIS and GPS will then generate a 3D map of your desired destination. You can find your way by zooming in the map. Once it does, you will have to touch the screen and point on the exact location where you want to pop out. Then, you will disintegrate into millions of electro-charged pieces and your atomic particles will be transported to that specific spot through WiFi connectivity.

iPop’s All-Time Partner: CLOCKSPOT
iPop can be sold for personal use but it will be best regarded as a business solution for various industries and government agencies where there is a need to do field assignments and make out-of-the-office appointments. It will be a perfect gadget for businessmen, journalists, media men, health workers, lawyers, social workers, policemen, firemen, paramedics, and more.
However, in order to fully make use of the opportunities granted by the iPop as a business solution, there is a need for a comprehensive and fully functional online time clock like Clockspot. This time clock is vital for tracking employee tasks, accomplishments, and other operations almost in real-time.

To succeed with the iPoP as a standard tool which will be used for everyday business operations, companies should make use of a web time clock and online time sheet which allows the employees to clock-in and clock-out wherever they are – just by using the internet or phones.
Through Clockspot accessed through the iPop, there will be no more need to report to the office and tracking iPop travels of employees will no longer be a burden. The employee can readily teleport to his work appointments from home but still have him/herself clocked in and updated with whatever tasks his/her boss would assign. 
Also, the company/employer will be able to accurately track absences and accruals, and then generate reports for payroll, taxing, and OT pay without paperwork hassles.
Lastly, this online time clock also functions as a medium for communication as it allows users to exchange messages almost instantaneously.

All-time Application 
On the whole, I believe the iPop, if paired with Clockspot, will be the most revolutionary gadget of the century. It will change life as we know it.
As a business solution: Clockspot and iPop will help both the employee and the employer save time, money, and energy. ‘All time’ will be productively spent and well accounted for. These groundbreaking tools will also boost employee productivity and promote the overall efficiency of any product/service provider through proper tracking, adequate encouragement and motivation plus accurate check-and-balance systems.
As an everyday gadget: Clockspot and iPop will be useful in organizing and fulfilling day-to-day activities, important appointments, family events, vacations, and challenging adventures. We will be able to track and make the most of our every minute, everywhere and anywhere we want to go. I know that this pair will definitely allow each and everyone of us to live life to the fullest.

P.S. I am not affiliated with Apple or Steve Jobs and iPop is an imaginary product but Clockspot is fully functional and available on

Learn more about Clockspot by trying out their demo (Try out Clockspot here)
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