It’s been a while

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It has been almost a year since I have last posted something here. I’ve been very busy with a lot of things – from my apps to my numerous, time-consuming mommy duties. Anyhow, I will try to revive this blog… somehow.

So what’s up with me lately? My Tres Marias – Yana (my eldest), and Ysha and Yza (my twins) are all in school now. The twins are in Kindergarten I and Yana’s in Grade 1 (She has skipped Kinder II). All of which are trying to cope up with their studies. Yana is still trying to adjust since she skipped ‘Prep’ and there are some new learning concepts and teaching techniques she’s not very accustomed to just yet. Yza and Ysha still have speech problems – but they are ‘talking better’. They took an exam prior to being accepted in school and after the assessment, the school administrator said they can skip the Nursery level. They know more words now, they just have trouble mixing-and-matching them up. Despite all the adjustments, I think all three are doing just fine in school. Biboy, on the other hand, is growing up so fast, running around the house all day and doing all sorts of stuff – and he also keeps me up at night. He has started talking – a bit. Generally, all my kids are doing well.

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How-To : Finding and Dealing with an Attorney

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Do you need to hire an attorney? Have you been wondering where to start? If you’ve never sought legal counsel before, finding the right lawyer can be overwhelming. Chances are that you aren’t quite sure how to find someone that you mesh with. Since you’ll be working intensely with your lawyer and discussing personal, private situations, it’s important that you find a lawyer you feel comfortable around. Never simply call a number and choose a random lawyer. Instead, you need to actually request a consultation to find out whether or not the lawyer you have in mind will be able to help you.

People seek legal counsel for a number of reasons. Maybe you want to have a will drawn up. Perhaps you need to create a trust. You might even need advice for dealing with the police. No matter what your personal legal situation might be, the right attorney can help guide you through the entire process. Remember that a lawyer is someone who has extensive legal experience. Even though dealing with a problem can be scary, your lawyer wants to help you succeed and to walk away with the best experience possible.

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cars Shopping

Cars and Driving : Getting the Car of Your Dreams

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As any long-term car aficionado can tell you, there is very little chance that the car of your dreams will be sitting on a lot in the factory as is. You have to first get something that you enjoy driving and upgrade it using the best in aftermarket techniques and companies. This is the only way that you can truly get the car of your dreams with the performance that you will likely require on the street and in the showroom.

Having your Vehicle Customized

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Home Improvement How-to

Home and Living : How to Save Money on Home Construction or Renovation

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Home construction projects can be very expensive – especially if you don’t plan yours quite well. If you’ve been wanting to have a home renovation soon – or if you’re getting your brand new home constructed, here are some tips that can help you save.

Tips in Saving on Home Construction

Never go with the first contractor you come across with

Be the wise ‘shopper’. Get quotations from tons of contractors so you’d know the fair price for the construction project you want to get done. Never go with the first estimate. Most people say you should get at least three estimates but I say it’s best to get five – more is even better. You may be all excited in starting your project but don’t let that excitement tempt you into spending more. Continue reading